The Beauty of Palos Verdes

Chris Adlam

Palos Verdes has become an incredibly desirable neighborhood in the last few decades, and because of Chris Adlam’s 29 years in the South Bay real estate industry, he knows exactly why.

Brokers love to parrot the old real estate mantra, “location, location, location,” but the reality is that the area you live in will be your world, your home, your haven. You want your home to be your favorite place – a comforting place that is also lively enough to have the amenities you just can’t find in every market. Some buyers think they could be happy anywhere, and that might be true, but you want somewhere you can thrive. Areas like Palos Verdes allow their residents to do just that. 

The residential neighborhoods that make up Palos Verdes are among the most beautiful areas in Southern California. Not only do they feature the picturesque luxuries many have come to expect in Los Angeles, like walking paths, miles of pristine shoreline and rolling green spaces, they also feature recreational amenities like golf and tennis clubs, stables, and even lessons for boarding and riding. Since nearly 30% of the area is dedicated as parkland, there’s no shortage of pursuits for active residents.

Of course, one of the main attractions is the wide variety of property choices Palos Verdes offers. Buyers can find everything from haciendas in the “Old Spanish” style to luxurious estates. Architectural styles vary as well, and include everything from traditional homes to properties with more contemporary design influences. Each property Adlam lists, however, has a unique charm that combines genuine elegance with a creative, original and inspired take on California living.

Another factor that makes the Palos Verdes area so exceptional is its unparalleled educational system. When asked about the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District, Superintendent of Schools Don Austin, Ed.D. says, “my answer to the question about what makes this place special is easy… PEOPLE.” 

Palos Verdes was purchased from the Bixby family in 1913 by New York financier Frank A. Vanderlip, Sr., who dreamed of building a beautiful residential community. The Olmstead Brothers (sons of Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr., who designed Central Park in New York City) are responsible for the unique and world-renowned planning and landscaping.

The favorable characteristics brokers tell you are important to finding your dream property are the very same qualities you’ll find in Palos Verdes. Residents want to feel and see the outdoor beauty around them, and with activities, landscaping and architecture that lends itself to the natural beauty of the beach, Palos Verdes locals are never far from the scenery, whether they’re outdoors or in.

Take a glimpse of the Palos Verdes area’s breathtaking views.


Chris Adlam is the premier luxury real estate agent in the Los Angeles Southbay. With vast experience from Palos Verdes to Manhattan Beach, Chris is committed to the highest standards of service, knowledge and integrity.


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